R&R Concerts – Steady Growth Over Three Years

by Sandra Zwerling
photos by Qinghua Fan
The Main Street WIRE
November 20, 2010

"Shouts of Bravo!, multiple curtain calls, a happy
audience, and joyful musicians mark the end of each
R&R concert in the Good Shepherd Community Center.
'Robin is dancing in heaven'..."

See p13 of the WIRE for the full article.


"This event is comparable to a performance at Carnegie Hall or Lincoln Center! Thank you for sharing such a wonderful concert with our community."




"Awesome! I am a new RI resident and wonderfully surprised at this extraordinary cultural offering. Please have more."


"The Chapel of the Good Shepherd is a better place to hear (rather 'experience') chamber music than Carnegie Hall. It is close to ideal. More chamber music, please."


"Great music and performance. Thanks for all your efforts. Will come for more!"


"I really enjoyed the Hungarian piece from Kodaly and the introduction of the movement was really appreciated. I remembered the imitation, the question-response and the improvisation techniques Iris mentioned. Wonderful piece of music and interpretation. I loved it, please continue."


"...the program choices are great, the performers energetic and the space is great for chamber music."


"This is fantastic! Keep up the good work!"


"Wonderful music and musicians. It's rare to hear string trios; that was a real treat. I like the balance of Baroque, classical and contemporary pieces. Church acoustics were just right - not too echoey for the selection they played. And it was free! Great turn out; great flyers; great musicians! Thank you!!"


"I love Mozart and Beethoven..."


"Bravura performances!"